Magpie Powers Their Platform & Pages With Gondola

The future of experience commerce eliminates customer frustration, with the aid of Gondola’s standardized features.

Gondola is a unique experience commerce platform that’s geared specifically to tour and activity owners, allowing them to get their own customized website with no upfront costs and incredibly low fees. But today, it’s the way they’ve managed to increase the customer experience that really makes them stand out. It’s what caught the eye of Christian Watts, Founder and CEO at Magpie Travel.

“We take experience commerce very seriously — an online shopping experience that consumers can trust enough to pull out their credit card. That’s been missing for the tour and activity space,”  said Vitaliy Levit, CEO of Gondola. “What we aimed to do was create something practical that had universal appeal. Gondola offers every owner and operator in the experience industry the chance to have their own commerce storefront that actually converts customers into bookings, with no technical experience required.” 

Customer frustration is one of the main reasons that people click away and don’t end up making a purchase on a website. To address this, many Online Travel Agency (OTA) sites which offer hotels, flights, car rentals and anything you need on vacation, get a lot of traffic because they’re easy to navigate for the customer. However, this technology has not been available to operators until Gondola came into existence.

“Google loves OTA sites because customers love OTA sites,” says Christian Watts, Founder and CEO of Magpie Travel. “They are usually well designed, fast to load, display well on mobile, easy navigation, complete product information and a very seamless booking experience. If you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to this stuff, bring in the experts. One of the experts in the space are Gondola – who will create a great looking website for you, as well as connect it to your Res-Tech and other platforms you use.”

Watts used Gondola’s unique solution to redesign Magpie’s product pages to give them an outstanding, beautiful format that’s easy to navigate, eliminates customer frustration, and increases booking conversion rates.

Learn more about Gondola and follow their progress at and follow them on Twitter @Gondola4Travel

Learn more about Magpie travel at and follow them on Twitter at @magpietravelinc

About Gondola Travel

Gondola was founded in 2021 by Vitaliy Levit, a travel industry expert, and marketing executive, along with Nathan Robinson, a career product manager, and serial entrepreneur. Our purpose is to empower tour and activity owners to grow their online direct bookings through their most important digital asset – their website.

About Magpie Travel

Magpie was founded in 2019 by Christian Watts, an industry veteran. It’s a San Francisco, California based company focused on developing content management solutions for the tours and activities sector of the online travel industry.

Vitaliy is the founder and CEO of Gondola. After several years of running his own whale watching and sailing charter operation in Spain, he discovered that the tours & activities industry was missing a simple way to build a powerful website that actually works.